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Children, Families and Nation

Our children are sacred and are born with Inherent and then Treaty rights. They are the center of the circle of life. It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure children are nurtured and protected so that they can be balanced and healthy while carrying out their life purpose.

The current provincial (Manitoba/Saskatchewan) child welfare model is an apprehension based funding model. This provincial settler model violates the rights of children and parents, lacks supports for and scrutinizes kinship care, provides more rights to foster parents, rips families apart, results in homelessness, addiction, perpetual CFS involvement, aging out neglect and suicide.

Apprehension must become a last resort or be eliminated. The Inherent jurisdiction always sits with the local and territorial Nations to ensure a solution is achieved to maintain the wellbeing of the child within the original family unit.

The Nation is assisting local Nations with restoring jurisdiction over their children and families in a culturally appropriate manner that enhances the preservation of identity, culture, language and ways of being. The Nation will work with all current agencies and governments to ensure that the child’s wellbeing is the priority in any arrangements or transition.

Obtaining ancestral history and laws will be pursued during the carrying out of the objectives in order to restore our ancestral ways of being.  

The Circle works with the member First Nations to support the development of laws and structure and mechanisms specifically to restore and enhance the wellbeing of children, families, communities and Nation within the Treaty 2 Territory. 


  • Assist with Establishing effective Support (ie: advocacy and systems navigation)
  • Assist with Law and Structural Development
  • Assist with enhancing capacity with the member First Nation
  • Establish Relationships and Agreements
  • Assist with the restoration, transition and implementation of Nations laws and structures replacing the provincial child welfare laws

Assist with the improvement of wellbeing of all children and all families generally. 

Portfolio – Chief Cornell Mclean, Lake Manitoba

Women Council – Charolette Nepinak, Chair Skownan First Nation

Support – Lorie Thompson, Secretary (Director) Secretariat 204.638.3797 Ext 1012 Email:

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Reclaiming our children and families through our own laws

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