Treaty 2 - August 21, 1871


The purpose of Treaty 2 21 August 1871 “….to open up to settlement and immigration a tract of country bounded and described hereinafter mentioned, and to obtain the consent thereto of her Indian subjects inhabiting the said tract, and to make treaty and arrangements with them, so that there be peace and good will…”


Dauphin River First Nation, Ebb and Flow, Keeseekoowenin (Riding Mountain/Dauphin Lake), Lake Manitoba (Dog Creek), Lake St Martin, Little Saskatchewan, O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi (Crane River), Pinaymootang (Fairford) and Skownan (Waterhen).  Treaty No.2 is unique where currently fifteen (15) other First Nations presides; two (2) Treaty No.1, three (3) Dakota First Nations, eight (8) Treaty No.4 and two (2) Treaty No. 5.


Treaty 2 extends north of Treaty No.1 territory, from the east shore of Lake Winnipeg, across the centre and southwest of Manitoba to the Moose Mountains in southeastern Saskatchewan. The Treaty No.2 territory includes 8,676,828 hectares of land (approx. 22 million acres). Included within are Riding Mountain National Park, Duck Mountain Provincial Park, Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Hecla/ Grindstone Provincial Park, and Moose Mountain Provincial Park Saskatchewan.

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