Treaty 2 - August 21, 1871

Anishinaabek Council discusses treaty right to education

November 6, 2018

On Tuesday 6 November 2018 the Anishinabek Council gathered at the Government Building in Dauphin regarding the Treaty Right of Education. The meeting was highly energized with thoughtful dialogue with respect to the education of our children at all levels!

Creating the ‘Lifelong Learning, Education Training for Positive Futures Secretariat’ and working on the Education Act will enhance and move education forward.

The primary agenda focused on the following;

  • Local Education Law development
  • Treaty 2 Territory Lifelong Learning, Education Training for Positive Futures Law
  • Creation of the Secretariat
  • Education Institute
  • Moving Forward Unified
  • FNIT2T Government functions

Grand Chief Eugene Eastman stated, “Education of our people was a matter of importance to the leaders that made our historic Treaties, including Treaty 2.” Going further to say, “We must ensure that education remains with the Rights holders in the contemporary context meaning our people in our communities must have a say.”  The Treaty 2 movement to create our own laws specific to education both at the local and territorial level is pivotal to our development for self-determination and Rights protection.

Nothing about us without us, in unity we remain!

Last modified: November 7, 2018

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