Anishinaabe - Cree - Dakota - Nakoda Nations

Law Development

The role of the Nation and Economic Development Circle is to support the member local Nations establish both a Territorial and a Nation specific governance structure that will support them to move beyond the Indian Act regime. To reach these objectives, the following is planned:

  • FNT2T First Law (Constitution)
  • Member Local Nation First Law (Constitution)

The process of development continues to be conducted with leadership, elders, nation members and the youth. Engagement sessions held locally and on a territory level with the intention to inform the people and receive recommendations for further development.  

As this is an opportunity for the people to design their own governance structure, it is important to be involved and active. Please join us at these sessions and bring your recommendations!

Creating a Nation Law (Constitution)

End of the Indian Act through Law Development

The Process of Law Building

Constitutional Development – Locally and across the Territory

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