Anishinaabe - Cree - Dakota - Nakota Nations

Internal and External Relations

Our Internal and External Relations is an important area of need which has special functions including;

  • provide educational programs, activities and materials of public education about the Treaty relationship so as to provide public understanding of the Treaties;
  • engages in informing settler governments – Parliamentary and Legislative processes regarding proposed legislation and providing information as to positions, situations, and other information about which Parliament and/or the Legislatures should be aware;
  • Liaison between Circles;
  • A key communication portal for the local Nations and Government of FNiT2T.

Internal and External Relations continues to assist local Nations with restoring their internal and external relations in a contemporary and diverse manner.

We assist our local Nations and The Nation with the following:

  • Ancestral Law Development
  • Engagement
  • Education and awareness
  • Restore ancestral systems
  • Communications
  • Diversity
  • Protection of Communication

The local Nation and The Nation who are the Inherent and Treaty rights holders continue with capacity to effectively restore and maintain healthy internal and external relations.

Support: Joseph Maud, Director 204.638.3797 Ext 1004 Email:

Updated: 10 September 2019

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