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The role of the Life Long Learning Committee is to advise and assist the Chiefs Council and Grand Council of the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory, on all matters relating to Life Long Learning in Treaty 2, based on the principles of pursuing a good life. Learning is a life-long process that teaches one how to live life in a good way.

The Life Long Learning Committee duties and responsibilities will be tasked and include ensuring that all matters relating to learning be guided by the principles of the Seven Teachings, and the pursuit of a good life.

The role of the Finance Committee is to look after the government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory financial operations and Circles’ including the trust funds from levies, taxation and unfinished treaty business.

The Finance Committee will advise the Governing Councilin regards to the financial operations and administration of Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan Secretariat. 

The Finance Committee will ensure sound accounting practices and controls are appropriately established both internally and externally.

The Financial Committee will consist of the member Nations who will be appointed by each Treaty 2 Territory Government Nation and is an individual who has finance, legal and business knowledge.

This committee will advise on safety and harmony of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory.

Relationship building with the current justice system and adequate peacekeeping will be the main priority focuses. Establishing local restorative justice mechanisms will also be a focus the committee will provide advice and recommendations on.

The Sports Committee is a non-political vehicle for youth sports that will be a structured system for our member Nations.  This committee is the voice for Sport, which brings together our Nations for summer and winter games, sporting events, leagues and activities.

We are collective that comes together seeing our youth and grassroots develop activities through creating leagues and structures to get together to cherish the success of our young people.

With time, annual recognition, leagues and both summer and winter games alternating years will be organized.  Funds will be used from the levies that are collected from industry using our resources outside of immigration and settlement in our territory.

The Protection of the Natural World Committee is in place to support the Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory through the Governing Council and Circle.  This committee works within the governance relating to all conservation, stewardship and management of land, water and all other resources within of Treaty 2 Territory. The committee duties and responsibilities will include acting as an advisory to the Circle.

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