Portion of boundary From Treaty 1, signed August 3, 1871 thence by the Winnipeg River to its mouth; thence westwardly, including all the islands near the south end of the lake, across the lake to the mouth of Drunken River;  thence westwardly to a point on Lake Manitoba half way between Oak Point and the mouth of Swan Creek;  thence across Lake Manitoba in a line due west to its western shore;  thence in a straight line to the crossing of the rapids on the Assiniboine;  thence due south to the international boundary line;

Beginning at the mouth of Winnipeg River, on the north line of the lands ceded by said treaty;  thence running along the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg northwardly as far as the mouth of Beren’s River;  thence across said lake to its western shore, at the north bank of the mouth of the Little Saskatchewan or Dauphin River;  thence up said stream and along the northern and western shores thereof, and of St. Martin’s Lake, and along the north bank of the stream flowing into St. Martin’s Lake from Lake Manitoba by the general course of such stream to such last mentioned lake;  thence by the eastern and northern shores of Lake Manitoba to the mouth of the Waterhen River;

thence by the eastern and northern shores of said river up stream to the northernmost extremity of a small lake known as Waterhen Lake; thence in a line due west to and across lake Winnepegosis;  thence in a straight line to the most northerly waters forming the source of the Shell River;  thence to a point west of the same two miles distant from the river, measuring at right angles thereto;  thence to a line parallel with the Shell River to its mouth, and thence crossing the Assiniboine River and running parallel thereto and two miles distant there from, and to the westward thereof, to a point opposite Fort Ellice;  thence in a southwestardly course to the northwestern point of the Moose Mountains;  thence by a line due south to the United States frontier;  thence by the frontier eastwardly to the westward line of said tract ceded by treaty as aforesaid; thence bounded thereby by the west, northwest and north lines of said tract, to the place of beginning, at the mouth of Winnipeg River.