The objectives of Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan are:
To protect the collective, inherent, aboriginal and Treaty rights of Akowigun Niish Anishinaabek and the lands, waters, and resources within the boundaries, of Akowigun Niish.

To plan, initiate and carry out negotiations with federal, provincial and other governments, on matters, related to the protection of lands, waters, and resources in Akowigun Niish Territory; and other negotiations as required.

Each Anishinaabek member shall remain in total control of all decisions, regarding its Reserve lands and those lands that were part of their traditional territory.

To plan, initiate and carry out negotiations with the private sector and organizations that are involved in the exploration, extraction, processing, transportation, or distribution of natural resources, lands, or waters within Akowigun Niish Akowigun Territory.