Treaty 2 - August 21, 1871


Treaty 2 Territory Flag

he Treaty 2 Territory Flag was created by the member First Nations people in Treaty 2 Territory, including leaders, elders, senior officials, people from the communities at various gatherings and meetings. The red outline is the territory set out by our people in the making of the treaty in 1871 at Manitoba House. The handshake represents the relationship of peace, friendship and sharing made with the Crown. The blue on top and in the east represents the sky, and on the bottom and west the water which gives us our life. The green is the grass and Mother Earth who sustains us and all her children. The sun represents the light and brightness of the territory, The dots represent and identify our original keepers. The pipe is our constitution, our daily guide to lead our Sovereign Nation and territory forward. It was 21 August 1871 when our forefathers made treaty with the Crown of Great Britain and Ireland.

4 October 2017 Flag Ceremony conducted by Our Elders, lead by Elder Mary Houle, Ebb and Flow



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