Ikwewak (Women) Council

The Council of Ikwewak advise and is mandated by the Grand Council.  From time to time the Council shall meet with the Council of Chiefs and Executive Council regarding the matters at hand.

Our Chairperson from the Ikwewak Council is selected to participate at all Governing Council meetings.

Our Ikwewak Council will take lead on Children, Families and Nation and Health and Well-being restoring family and health first strategy.  Our Ikwewak are strong vibrate supporters of our traditions and values within our Nation. The support of our Ikwewak will be able to restore traditional ways of bringing back our strong Nation.

Each Anishinaabe member Nation appoints one individual to the Council.

A good healthy life style is the bases of a strong Anishinaabe Nation.  In order to protect the Nation and territory, we must live a healthy life and restore our traditions and cultural ways prior to the settlers invading our territory.

Today’s approach is both traditional and modern with the western medicines before us.  Our Traditional healers are involved with our steps forward and the key to survival for many of our communities within the nation.

Time will be focused on bringing back the traditions and giving balance to our well needed strategy with Health and our Medicine Bundle.

  • Ebb & Flow: Margerat Racette
  • Dauphin River: Yolanda Thompson
  • Keeseekoowenin: Allison McKay
  • Lake Manitoba: Bev Paul
  • Lake St. Martin: Lilian Morse
  • Little Saskatchewan: Elva Sinclair
  • O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi: Vania Dumas
  • Pinaymootang: Lana Thompson-Racette
  • Skownan: Charlotte Nepinak (Chair)
  • Tootinaowaziibeeng: Victoria Ironstand

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