Treaty 2 - August 21, 1871

Environmental Protection Act

Across the board, laws dealing with environmental, land and water protection tend to be regulatory in nature, complex and costly to develop, implement and enforce. On the other hand, they are an important aspect of governance of any jurisdiction, particularly for First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory because of the cultural values connected with the natural world.

Environmental protection is much more than a set of laws or rules. An effective regime must also include such elements as approvals, standards, monitoring, inspection, enforcement, mechanisms to encourage compliance, raising public awareness, all of which require capacity within the First Nations to do all of these things.

There are various options through we can exercise the law and thought should be given to the potential for relationships with other nations such as Canada or Manitoba, with other First Nations, conservation and stewardship authorities, rural municipalities, other First Nations aggregations, etc., contracting in and contracting out, including providing services to other First Nations. Into this picture enter questions such as economies of scale, ability to reflect First Nation values, harmony with surrounding jurisdictions, liability questions, capacity.

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