Day of Treaty

The Day of the Treaty, we came to the Treaty table with a full pack. The Crown came to the table with an emptypack begging and asking.

We AGREED to share a portion of our lands for immigration and settlement with the Crown’s people, and the Crown agreed to compensate us for the use of the lands it would take up for thatpurpose and this has never been fulfilled to this day!

We CONSENTED to allowing the Crown to exercise its sovereignty over its people and the lands we were sharing with them, so long as the Crown did not interfere with our rights and lands not taken up and left natural. The Crown left the Treaty meeting with what we put in its emptypack.

The Crown could give us nothing, because we already had everything. The Crown was grateful. The Queen (out of her bountiful benevolence) gave each of us some gifts. We asked for the Crown to send in one of their teachers and a school house for the teacher to work in because we wanted to know more about our new neighbours. We asked the Crown to let us have some medicines they had which we didn’t have.