Treaty 2 - August 21, 1871

Employment Opportunity – Community Developers

December 18, 2018

Treaty 2 Territory – Two (2) Community Developers are required to start immediately in the New year with the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory. They will work under the Governance and Community Planning of Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan – Treaty 2 with direct action to each of our Nations and their community led Councils. The principal task of the community developer will be to assist the people of the First Nations of Treaty 2 Territory to develop permanent self-government for their community.

Working with staff and citizens in community development and the process leading to self-government. This position will work directly with the Nation communities and their off-reserve citizens in developing a First Law (Constitution) and subsequently, developing the collective government by initiating local involvement in governance and the Secretariats. For our Anishinaabe Nations who wish to decolonize and to develop self-government to replace the Indian Act, a community developer for self-government will supply expert advice and support. This position will work within the area of creating Secretariats to manage within the FNiT2T Government structure.

  • Proposed start date:             7 January 2019 (Term)
  • Job/Office location:               Government Office – Dauphin, Treaty 2 Territory
  • Wage:                                      Discussed at interview process


  • The Community Developer will take the lead regarding governance and assisting with the overall Nation Building process.
  • Works with Senior Management to assure the tasks set out from the workplan are achieved as well as all timelines.
  • Work on new forms of Traditional governance and getting out of the Indian Act;
  • Discuss better living standards for Treaty No. 2 citizens and looking at ways in closing the socio-economic gap;
  • Work on adopting a plan whereby each community, community by community through the community’s citizens’ ratification of their own First Law (constitution), to establish the collective that continues the Treaty relationship with the Crown.
  • Create a tool kit that will help each community with the process of creating the First Law;
  • Support the process of each community in law building, tools and support.
  • Assist each community to create a governance action plan and calendar.
  • Assist each community in the development of community-oriented materials, posters, brochures, briefing notes, etc. narrating stories;
  • Assist each community to prepare a community needs assessments to identify and understand the current position each community is in and to identify and analyze current position;
  • Assist each community to build strong working relationships through Nation Building process;
  • Assist each community to develop and implement governance strategies that help strengthen the capacity of the communities;
  • Engage the community bottom up, by focusing on the set priorities of each;
  • Assist each community in the development, implementation, and evaluation of governance through discussions and reaching consensus on a community-developed plan for a constitution to be ratified by referendum of the people of the Community;
  • Assist each community in ensuring its constitution contains certain fundamental provisions such as accountability, means of making amendments, etc.
  • Be a resource to citizens and provide links to community-based groups and broader community resources;
  • Assist each community to engage its citizens to participate in community development of governance, to suggest collective actions and to support them in this process;
  • Promote the development of leadership, capacity building and Nation Building;
  • Responsible for note taking and the writing of reports in this area;
  • Manage and work within the budget for the position.


  • Good communication skills and experience working/interacting;
  • Degree and/or work experience in governance, management or community planning;
  • Experience and education in research, writing, community planning and development in governance;
  • Work without supervision and under a workplan and structured team atmosphere;
  • Good oral, written and visual presentation will be a daily requirement;
  • Valid Driver’s licence – Class 5 with reliable vehicle required;
  • Travel within the Treaty 2 Territory as a priority;
  • Anishinaabe language and understanding of traditions and culture an asset;
  • Reporting and presenting to senior management of Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan –Treaty 2.

Please Apply by Friday 28 December 2018 (Letter and resume):

Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan –Treaty 2: Human Resources

Box 1254, Lake Manitoba First Nation

Phone: 204.648.6268


Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.   Must indicate you are available to work by the start date and out of Government Building – Dauphin.

As part of the interview it would be advantages to present a PPT setting out how you would approach this position in the performance of the above Job Description.

AnishinaabeAgowidiiwinan_Treaty2_CommunityDeveloperPosition_Jan2019 PDF

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