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Canada Announces new CFS Legislation

November 30, 2018

Treaty 2 Territory –The Government of Canada announced today that they plan to introduce new legislation on behalf of First Nations for Indigenous Child and Family Services in the new year. Treaty 2 First Nations welcomes that announcement, however, must interject with the disclaimer that the discussions and development of this legislation was never done in consultation of Treaty 2 collectively and must.  In fact, Treaty 2 has sent correspondence to the Government of Canada, Minster Jane Philpott informing her that we are creating our own law/act for the protection of our children, family, extended family, community, nation wellbeing.  Minister Jane Philpott has yet to respond.

“We assert that no one speaks on behalf of the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory without our consent. We are not in opposition to the development or discussion but must proclaim that respect of our development and Rights as Treaty 2 remains within our circle”, said acting Grand Chief Cornell McLean, Chief of Lake Manitoba First Nation and co shares the Child, Family, Community Nation Well Being Portfolio with fellow Chief Cameron Catcheway.

We must declare that the announcement made by Minister Jane Philpott is premature and must involve us. We are reclaiming our Rights in all areas; however, the protection of our children is vital and must be addressed by no other entity but our First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory Government.

Minister Jane Philpott and other entities that proclaim they represent our Treaty interests must be given consent by the Treaty 2 Territory before they can attest that they have that Right. “We will establish our laws in respect to Child, Family, Extend Family, Communities, Nation Well Being and no longer is acceptable for any other government or organization to say they represent the Rights of the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory”,says McLean.Our Inherent Rights go beyond the Canadian jurisdiction and we proclaim that if laws are to be established for our people, we will do that ourselves. “Nothing about us, without us, in unity we remain!”.

The First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory have formed a government as of June 12, 2018.

Last modified: December 1, 2018

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