Treaty 2 - August 21, 1871

A Clear Mandate given by our strong Leaders of Treaty 2 Territory

November 16, 2018

Lake Manitoba, Treaty 2 – A mandate was given on 12 June 2018, later on the signing of the Treaty 2 Territory Declaration 29 August 2018 by our leaders that enables the direction, mandate and protection given providing full support toward the understanding of being self-governing in the Treaty 2 Territory.

The Law making process gives full opportunity to reclaim jurisdiction and well-being for the lives of the people in Treaty 2 Territory in  a way that they will see a governance system that is designed by the people and not the settler government.

“As we forge ahead in unity as a Nation we will set our own plan to how Canada will relate to our way of governing, not the other way around, much like we witness with the PTO process”,said Grand Chief Eugene Eastman.

Treaty-based governance is the way to move forward as it dictates and affirms to the settler governments that they must honour the relationship that was meant to remain until the sun shines, the grass grows and the waters flow, forever. Unless they see their citizens returning to their motherlands, the Treaty stands forever. “We as First Nations must stand strong in our position, protecting our lands, water and recourses just like our forefathers of our Treaty”, said Grand Chief.

Last modified: November 23, 2018

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