The Anishinaabek have been in the area, territory and beyond well before Treaty with the new settlers was ever made. Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan has been around for a long time. In 1871, a collective was reaffirmed during the time treaty was made. Most recently in 1998 the name was reaffirmed and then most recently through a unified approach.


The Anishinaabek of Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan entered Treaty No.2 in August 21, 1871 at Manitobah House, Rupertsland with Representatives of the Queen of England and Ireland. The original Anishinaabe (Chippewa and Cree), who were present constitute Treaty No.2 with Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan. It is known that many of the Chiefs and leaders within the territory were at the early gathering and after the treaty was agreed to. Those who were not present were represented through Mekis until they indicated where they wished their farming reserves to be established. The Treaty reaffirmed the Inherent rights our Anishinaabek had prior to European contact.