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Registration 8am – 10am (Day One)

Day One(1) – Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Morning Ceremony and Sacred Fire 8am
Grand Entry - Medicine Rock Singers Drum Group

10am to 12pm                                                                     Main Tent                                        
Governance – Present and Discuss

  • Opening Prayer – Keeseekoowenin Elder
  • Protocol of Gathering
  • Introduction and Opening Remarks
  • Great Seal and Flag
  • Treaty 2 Unity Declaration Ceremony

1:00-4:00pm                                                                                   Main Tent                                        
Seven (7) Councils

  • Grand Council
  • Council of Chiefs
  • Anishinaabek Council
  • Aki Nibi (Land and Water) Council
  • Equaawuk (Women) Council
  • OgitadiziigOdakizook (Elder) Council
  • Oshkiayaa(Youth) Council

4:00pm                                                                                 Main Tent                                        
Special Announcement - Territorial Summer and Winter Games

Breakfast(8:00am) and Lunch(12noon), Supper (6pm)



Day Two (2) – Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Morning Ceremony

9am to 12pm                                                                   Main Tent                                            

Ceremony - 21 August 1871
Governance – Building our Own Path – Shaping our own Future

1:00-4:00pm                                                                    Main Tent                                            

Topics for Discussion

  • Community Citizenship/Membership
  • Using our Lands to Restore Culture
  • Community Culturally-based Education
  • Empowering Communities to Strengthen Language and Culture
  • Briefing and Actions on Language Legislation - November
  • Knowledge Keepers College


Closing Entertainment and Remarks

Breakfast(8:00am)and Lunch(12noon), snacks